Xilinx® Alveo™ U200 Data Center accelerator cards are designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the modern Data Center, providing up to 90X higher performance than CPUs for key workloads, including machine learning inference, video transcoding, and database search & analytics. Built on the Xilinx 16nm UltraScale™ architecture, Alveo accelerator cards are adaptable to changing acceleration requirements and algorithm standards, capable of accelerating any workload without changing hardware, and reducing overall cost of ownership.

Two accelerators U200 and U250 are available for ordering with the choice of active or passive cooling (the form factor is excellent).

U200s with active cooling are available in Moscow.


 Alveo U200 Data Center Accelerator Card

Enabling Alveo accelerator cards is an ecosystem of Xilinx and partner applications for common Data Center workloads. For custom solutions, Xilinx’s Application Developer Tool Suite (SDAccel™) and Machine Learning Suite provide the tools for developers to bring differentiated applications to market.


Key Features & Benefits

Fast - Highest PerformanceAdaptable – Accelerate Any WorkloadAccessible - Cloud <-> On-Premises Mobility
  • Up to 90X higher performance than CPUs on key workloads at 1/3 the cost
  • Over 3X higher inference throughput and 3X latency advantage over GPU-based solutions
  • Machine learning inference to video processing to any workload using the same accelerator card
  • As workload algorithms evolve, use reconfigurable hardware to adapt faster than fixed-function accelerator card product cycles
  • Deploy solutions on the cloud or on-premises interchangeably, scalable to application requirements
  • Applications available for common workloads, or build your own with the application developer tool

Documentation for debugging kits is available on their official pages: U200 and U250 and contains all the necessary information for a successful start.

AMD has already appreciated the benefits of working with Alveo and, together with Xilinx, has developed a heterogeneous reconfigurable system, which you can read more about here.



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